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AMSAJ INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission with the RC Number 431289 on October 18th, 2001 according to the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, to carry out business of agricultural inputs and produce/supply/distributions, general merchant, wholesale, merchandising, trader, manufacturer representative, importer and exporter, distributer of all kinds of goods, transporter and haulage contractors.

Guided by principles of simplicity and clarity, we strive to operate as a streamlined group of connected businesses, able to transform ourselves whenever a better way is presented. Also, to avail the farmers both commercial and substantial best farming inputs which will lead to food sustainability in Nigeria and spread to Africa at large at an affordable cost.


Jubaili Agrotec is the leading supplier of agrochemicals, fertilisers, sprayers, seeds, veterinary drugs, greenhouses, feed additives and concentrates in Africa. It has over 1,000 employees who are continuously trained and developed to achieve the company’s objectives and goals. Jubaili Agrotec is serving more than 2,000 customers, from farmers to dealers, sub-dealers, ADPS (NGO’S) and different associations. It aims to have the same in all the remaining countries it operates in. Its mission and strategy is empowering positive growth, whilst its vision is to increase its values, as well as its portfolio of diversified brands in order to always be recognised as the farmer’s first choice. As it is growing, it makes sure its partners grow with it, making its growth sustainable.


FLOUR MILLS OF NIGERIA (FMN) Agro Inputs and Distribution Value Chain covers their Golden Fertilizer Division & Golden Agri Inputs Limited (GAIL) and is supported by Bagco. Through this value chain they offer a platform for closer interaction with farmers by providing with inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, storage solutions, agronomic support, agricultural extension services and offtake.

Their fertilizer blending and distribution business "Golden Fertilizer" has continued to flourish in Nigeria as the farmers' friend with an array of blended NPK variants providing vital blends, an effective distribution network and insurance for its quality fertilizers.