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AF FArmFarm Support Services Ltd, which produces animal nutrition and medicaments, said it recently held a series of seminars to help farmers in South West Nigeria

The topics discussed at the seminar included optimal poultry production, biosecurity, feed quality and risk management, and heat stress management.

“There is a lack of adequate knowledge regarding animal farming and feeding. By running these educational seminars, we believe that farmers can improve their practices and up the bar as far as poultry nutrition and general farm management goes” Olumide Origunloye, managing director of Farm Support Services said.

“Our expansion plans include developing agents in three locations in the North and three in the South East regions of Nigeria over the next three to six months,” Origunloye said.

During the seminars, the company launched global commodities trader Cargill’s Provimi range of products including its premix and basemix.

Basemix, a new concept to the Nigerian market, contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, Monocalcium Phosphate, salt, enzymes, toxin binders and other additives.