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Agriculture is the biggest industry in Africa, employing more than 60% of the population. However the continent's full potential is still untapped. According to an analysis by McKinsey, Africa could produce twice the amount of grains and cereals - that is an increase of 20% on the current global output of 2.6 billions tons. To reach this potential, significant investment is required. Storage, seeds, irrigation and fertilisers are among the sectors which have the highest need.

Although urbanisation is growing across, reports show that this trend varies across the continent. This is due to the differing stages of development in the agricultural sector. Yet, with 80% of farmland managed by smallholder farmers, it seems that the biggest growth driver would come from increased smallholder productivity, rather than medium-size farms. Furthermore, as Sub-Saharan African governments are placing more focus on expanding private sector investment in value chains for staple foods for smallholder farmers. This will help with driving agriculture and rural transformation, reduce poverty and increase food security.

Africa GDP Growth
Annual % change

Source: World Bank

Potential availability of uncultivated land (1,000ha)

Source: World Bank

Estimated % change in food demand in Sub-Saharan Africa 2015 to 2030

Source: World Bank