Richard Ogundele

Richard Ogundele
JMSF Agribusiness Nigeria

Richard Ogundele is a Value Chain Development expert and a consultant specializing in Private Sector Development(PSD) for poverty reduction in emerging African markets, focusing on Market Systems Development(M4P), Enterprise Development, Strategy, Competitiveness, Inclusive Business Models,Women Economic Empowerment(WEE) and Food Security. He is an experienced market development project manager with core skills in conceptualization, design, implementation, monitoring and management of partner relations to deliver results.

Managed large scale M4P/VCD/PSD initiatives involving PPP, especially in the agriculture sector in Nigeria; experienced in critical value chains- Tomatoes, Cashew, Sesame, Shea Butter/Nut, Cassava, Potatoes, and Maize, with stints in renewable energy, environmental / waste management, improving supply chain operations and management.

Richard is deep thinking, thorough with a high attention to detail, analytical and often ventures where other refuse to thread, facilitating and stimulating systemic change. Over the last 15 years, his core skills have been developed in the following areas:

1.Sustainable Value Chain Development

  • Support development of chain relations
  • Organise producers
  • Organise traders and processors
  • Support product bulking, grading and quality control
  • Development of new products for market differentiation(R&D)
  • Agribusiness development Support
  • Support the marketing and promotion of (new) products
  • Market linkage assessments/design

2. Agricultural services

  • Develop farming practice advisory services
  • Develop business advisory services
  • Improve availability of quality seeds, fertilizer and pesticides
  • Develop quality control and certification services
  • Develop market information systems & facilitate value chain finance

3. Institutional environment

  • Advocacy for policy change and implementation
  • Develop stakeholder interaction & coordination
    Establish public private partnerships
  • Quality standards
  • Gender equity & inclusion