• 9:00 – 10.00
  • 10.00 – 10.10
    Welcome address
  • 10:10 – 10.30
    Inauguration & opening address
  • 10:30 – 11.10
    Podium Presentation - Global investment trends

    This address will look at promoting long-term finance for agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) from a global perspective, outlining the opportunities and challenges the sector is facing now and in the future.

    Topics to be covered:

    • Outlook for agricultural commodities
    • Potential areas for new investments in SSA
    • The expected benefits from agricultural finance: Why are banks reluctant to increase agri-finance in SSA?
    • Main features of the agricultural sector
    • Mapping agricultural finance
    • What financial products are available?
    • What institutions are supplying agricultural finance?
    • What are the challenges?
    • What are some of the solutions to these challenges?
    • Emerging drivers in agricultural finance
  • 11.10 – 11.30
    Networking coffee break
  • 11.30 - 12.00
    Intra-border Trading across Africa

    This session looks at how we can accelerate growth through improving intra-African trade.

  • 12.00 – 13.00
    Panel Discussion – Attracting Foreign Investment

    How do SMEs attract foreign investment from funding houses, major institutions, development agencies and local banks? Is microfinancing an option for SMEs, and what does a blended capital approach look like when working with multiple stakeholders?

    This panel discussion aims to tackle the importance of access and awareness to funding streams for farmers through their local banks, while outlining various options for investment. We will discuss the challenges banks are facing in accessing government funds, and how training and compliance is affecting their support to farmers. How are investment firms planning for the future, and what are their priority investments now and in five years time?

    Attracting foreign investment:

    • How do farmers prepare and pitch for funding?
    • Small-holder engagement
    • Financing for established agro-industrial parks and farm estates
    • Micro-financing

    Mobile Finance:

    • Compliance with rules and regulations
    • Skill levels and training to gain access to finance
    • Interfaces for companies with capacity and quick solutions
  • 13.00 – 14.00
    Lunch & Networking
  • 14:00 -14.30
    Improving standards in packaging and access to equipment

    Working closely with Europe to establish a code of ethics and standard. We aim to look at how we can strengthen the relationships with Europe and Africa.

    Topics to be covered:

    • European free trade policy & standards
    • How to strength relations with Europe and Africa
    • Raising standards for international exporting
    • Promoting standards
    • Post brexit and the challenges and opportunities for agri-businesses
  • 14:30 - 15.00
    Industrial Farming & Livestock Production

    This session looks at the Intensive animal farming and livestock production.
    How can famers maximize the production output, while minimizing production costs. This includes cattle, poultry and fish, meat, milk and eggs. Is factory farming is sustainable or ethical.

    How is biotechnology changing the way industrial farming and systems for the future. There are differences in the way factory farming techniques are practiced around the world. There is a continuing debate over the benefits, risks and ethical questions of factory farming. The issues include the efficiency of food production; animal welfare and the environmental impact.

  • 15.00 – 15.20
    Coffee break
  • 15:20 – 15.40
    Women's role in Agriculture

    4 out of 5 farmers are women and so this session looks at the role of women in agriculture at small-scale farming.

    With women providing the majority of the labor in agricultural production with more than 50% of the agricultural activity performed by women, producing about 60-70% of the food in this region.  We plan to explore where women's roles fit in the value chain.
    Topics to be covered

    • Opportunities for women in agriculture
    • Packaging and Labeling
    • Impacts on food security
    • Women's land ownership rights
  • 15.40 – 16.10
    Keynote Presentation - The medium-term outlook for global agricultural markets

    We look at the medium-term outlook for the global agriculture sector, highlighting the major drivers the sector will see over the next 10 years, what trends will arise and the direction of trade prices. This session looks at the impact of food security, nutrition and natural resources issues.

    Topics to be covered

    • Drivers of agricultural supply and demand over the next 10 years
    • Trends in consumption, production, trade and prices
    • Impacts on food security, nutrition and natural resource use
  • 16.10 – 16.50
    Panel Discussion: Developing the next generation of agripreneurs

    With the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth, we will look at the development of youth incubators, and how research and technology is impacting on the development and training for young people within the sector. The session will also examine how enterprise and innovation is enhancing crop quality and production, the ability to keep up with demand, and how to work best with public and private partners to reduce risk.

    Topics to be covered

    • Youth business development
    • Connecting agripreneurs to investors
    • Creating jobs with the support of new technologies
    • The impact of investment on local society
    • Addressing hunger, poverty and degradation of natural resources in the tropics
    • Legacy planning for future generations
  • 16.50 – 17.00
    Closing Remarks
  • 17:00
    Closing remarks
  • 9:00 – 10.00
  • 10.00 – 10.10
    Welcome address
  • 10:10 – 10.40
    Podium Presentation – Access to Finance

    We will discuss the iconic world-class landmark of international business making a lasting impact on the local economy in Ghana. Outlining how trade and investment is being conducted through a platform that links global and local businesses together through a network of partnerships to enhance economic growth.

  • 10:40 – 10.55
    Ted Talk – The Language of investors

    Learning the language of investors is critical to positioning your farm, product or service for investment.

    This session will look at the different types of investment vehicles banks, impact investment, family offices, private equity, venture capital, available for your business and how to measure impact with your product or service and how your leadership team will help reassure investors in your governance management.

    This session is focused on investor needs and how you can position your businesses to be investor-ready.

    • Trends of the big investors
    • Different investment types
    • Measuring impact
    • leadership management
  • 10.55 – 11.15
    Networking coffee break
  • 11.15– 11.50
    Podium Presentation – Fintech Ecosystem for agri-businesses

    This session looks at the scope of Fintech to support digital trade within the agriculture sector for Small & Medium-sized Entreprises (SME's): Technology & Finance along with innovation is changing the way your business is and will communicate with your customers and suppliers. Fintech is an opportunity for you to improve your business models, easy pay as you go insurance and looks at how you can integrate your business with harnessing technology for the complete ecosystem for trading.

    • Business models & Innovation
    • Money transfer and payments
    • Insur-tech
    • Borrowing
    • Finance planning
    • Savings and investments
  • 11.50 – 12.10
    Ted Talk – Access to markets

    This session will look at the different types of buyers and how to sell to larger chains, supermarkets or wholesale.

  • 12.10 – 13.10
    Lunch & Networking
  • 13.10 – 13.40
    Keynote presentation - Product Incubation & Entrepreneurship

    Business Incubation Platform (BIP):
    Looking at the development of business models to create and launch a sustainable, investor-ready product. We aim to showcase best practices on how to bring a product to market while securing commercial partners for rapid growth. We will look at the development of strong financial processes for ROI and profit margins to make your company more productive and profitable.

    Topics to be covered

    • Bringing products to market
    • Matching products with investors
    • Securing commercial partners
    • Enhancing crop quality and productivity
    • Sustainable business models
    • Return on investment (ROI)
    • Focus on profit margins (gross and net)
  • 13.45 - 14.10
    Keynote presentation - Mobile Assets

    With a focus on post-harvest value-addition

    Topics to be covered

    • Why is agri-investment challenging?
    • Considering the risks for investors
    • Think outside the box
    • External finance options
    • Market-driven finance options
    • Asset finance
    • Case studies
  • 14.10 – 14.30
    Coffee break
  • 14.30 – 15.00
    Spotlight Session - Rural transformation and sustainable development through long-term, early stage financing

    Improving rural infrastructure, increasing productivity and creating employment opportunities.
    The urgent need to build successful African agribusinesses through long-term investment and supporting positive impacts at scale. We look at case studies across Africa on the impact of early stage investment, raising agricultural productivity, increasing incomes, creating employment opportunities, and reducing food insecurity, hunger and under-nutrition in rural communities.

    Topics to be covered

    • Increasing manufacturing productive and incomes
    • Increasing benefits of market participation
    • How do we address policy barriers and regulatory challenges?
    • How do we work with smallholder farmers to ensure they become more commercialised and profitable?
    • How can we increase investment, and what incentives will attract private investment?
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 15.00 – 15.30
    Diaspora investment in agriculture

    Increasingly through generational inheritance agriculture is an investment opportunity for the descendents of families and expats who send money regularly continent.

  • 15.30 – 15.40
    Closing Remarks
  • 15.40